Jan Winebrenner


Seminars for Intimate Faith

God's grace can best be experienced through the exercise of the spiritual disciplines.

This is a message that is well-suited to women's retreats, as each discipline can be explored individually in general sessions and in small break-out groups. The material is adaptable to any size group, and study questions are available.

The goal of Intimate Faith is this:

  • To introduce women to ways they can interact with God and discover His passion for intimacy with them via the spiritual disciplines
  • to lead women into the deeper places of fellowship where God waits to demonstrate His love and grace in extravagant, exuberant ways

"I can't tell you what a rich feast you spread for our souls today. You have given me vision of the 'next love level' God wants to take me to on this incredible journey from glory to glory. I can't wait to read your book!"

Trinity Fellowship Church Spring Women's Retreat

Listen to Jan's message about Thoughts on Grace (16 minutes 38 seconds running time).

Workshop titles:

  • Living with a Light Heart: The Discipline of Celebration
  • Living in Anticipation: The Discipline of Fasting
  • Living in the Reality of the Invisible: Experiencing God through the Exercise of the Spiritual Disciplines
  • Finding Sanctuary: The Disciplines of Prayer and Meditation
  • Living in Profound Conjunction: The Disciplines of Fellowship and Confession
  • Traveling Light: The Disciplines of Simplicity and Sacrifice
  • Savoring God's Sovereignty: The Disciplines of Humility and Submission
  • An Essential Grace: The Gift of Spiritual Direction

Each retreat message is designed to help women understand how much God loves them, how much He desires their company, how much He longs to make Himself known to them. Each session offers practical suggestions, accompanied by scripture, classic and contemporary illustrations, for how we can move into deeper levels of intimacy with God; how we can learn to trust Him more and engage His power for living an abundant life.

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