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Intimate Faith
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"Jan Winebrenner takes us where women are wanting to go-into the depths of God. But how do we get there? Through what are classically known as "Christian disciplines." Jan beautifully reopens them as the meeting places where we can hear, see, know, and feel the heart of the One who knows and loves us intimately. A book to linger with and savor, a book to change your life."

-- Becky Freeman, speaker and author of Milk & Cookies to Make You Smile

"With refreshing, simple yet profound language, Jan retells the journey of all of us at some point in our lives. She examines the way we frustrate, agitate and anger ourselves trying to make God do something He already does and has done from before the foundation of the world - love us! This masterpiece shows we cannot do anything more or less to make God love us more or less. WOW! Get liberated. Become free of this bondage. Read this book and give it to everyone you know. You will never be the same."

-- Thelma Wells, President, Women of God Ministries; Speaker,

Women of Faith; author, Girl, Have I Got Good News for You!

"In INTIMATE FAITH, Jan Winebrenner beckons readers past compulsive Christianized checklists for good behavior to the deep joy of living near the heart of God. Without a hint of legalistic condescendence she tenderly describes a practice of the spiritual disciplines as our means of discovering the truth of the invisible realities of life with God. Read it and be refreshed."

-- Brenda Waggoner, Licensed Professional Counselor; Speaker; Retreat Leader; Author, The Velveteen Woman

"Jan spoke on Intimate Faith at our Spring Women's Conference. The spiritual disciplines came alive in new ways as Jan showed us the power they've had in her own heart's journey with the Father. Even months later, women continue to praise that conference, and to ask, 'Is the book out yet?'"

-- Diana Calvin, Director of Women's Ministries, Trinity Fellowship Church, Richardson, Texas

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