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The Grace of Catastrophe
What Readers are Saying - The Grace of Catastrophe

"If you've ever asked, "Why?" or "Why me, Lord?" you'll want to read this honest, hop-filled book, and share it with your friends."

-- Zig Ziglar, Ziglar Training Systems

"Insightful, deep, and real, this book offers encouragement and hope through the best and worst of times."

-- Brenda Waggoner, counselor and author, The Velveteen Woman

"A charming, confessional call to take up the cross we'd rather leave behind, to walk with the Savior we'd like to see ahead...Here is a roadmap to maturity."

-- Calvin Miller, Beeson Divinty School of Samford University

What Participants are saying about Seminars/Retreats for The Grace of Catastrophe

"Jan Winebrenner was very encouraging and out going."

"She spoke from her heart and was extremely knowledgeable."

"Jan W. was special and had many insights; I loved her heart, her openness and I plan to read her new book."

"Jan Winebrenner was simply wonderful. I am always amazed at how the stories help me to connect with the larger story which is God's story."

"Jan draws on her years as a Christian walking with God and studying the word. She is humble and not at all haughty or arrogant although she could be. She is a good communicator of God's truth."

" I loved Jan. I loved the content of the messages. She is a deep thinker which I love. I bought her book and am in the process of reading it now. I plan to buy the one coming out this month."

"Jan was as amazing as she had been the previous year. I love that she speaks from her life experiences and shares her reflections and revelations from God. She is very sincere about her life and the struggles and the blessings that come from them."

"Thank you for choosing someone who is interested in our relationship with God. A lot of women's speakers focus on our roles as wives and/or mothers, but if our heart is close to God's, those things will follow."

"Thank you for speaking at our women's retreats last year & this year! I appreciate your messages VERY much. Thanks for being genuine & real and sharing the truth we need to hear with such a gentle manner."

Karen, Austin, TX

"Thank you so much, Jan, for blessing us at our retreat. Your words, laughter, tears and heart really ministered to the ladies, and to me personally."

Zana, Austin, TX

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