Jan Winebrenner


The Grace of Catastrophe Seminars for Intimate Faith

God's grace can best be experienced through the exercise of the spiritual disciplines.

This is a message that is well-suited to women's retreats, as each discipline can be explored individually in general sessions and in small break-out groups. The material is adaptable to any size group, and study questions are available.

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The Grace of Catastrophe Seminars for The Grace of Catastrophe

Everyday, ordinary women wrestle with job crises, relationship issues, family irritations, health problems, and spiritual struggles.

Every day, ordinary women encounter the hugely catastrophic and the merely cantankerous. For every woman, in every phase of adult life, both married and single, chaos and mess are ever present, ever threatening. The challenge, then, for the woman who calls herself a disciple of Jesus Christ, is this: How do I live out what I say I believe about God in whatever experience that greets me in the course of a day?

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